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Books that Aims to Help Advanced Players Master the Various Games of Poker

Specifically designed for advanced poker players, numerous books aim to help people with the more advanced aspects of the game of poker. The authors of these outstanding reading materials assume that their audiences already know the basic and fundamental aspects of the game. With the help of these poker books, they can slowly master the different important aspects of various poker game variations. These books include "High-Low-Split Poker for Advanced Players," "Tournament Poker for Advanced Players," "Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players," and "Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players."

First, the book "High-Low-Split for Advanced Players" tries to focus on high-low split games, which is widely played in various casinos and gaming facilities all over the world. Some of the most exciting poker game variations that fall under this category are stud high-low and Omaha high-low. In the first variation, author Ray Zee starts with a special feature on some of the best starting hands in the game, which then moves on to explain some of the complex aspects of the game. In the second variation, he then begins with some of the most effective strategies in the game, starting from the simplest down to the most advanced techniques.

In the second book entitled "Tournament Poker for Advanced Players," author David Sklansky tries to provide readers with advanced strategies and tactics necessary to win in poker tournaments. As this book is designed for advanced players, beginners may somehow find it difficult to read and understand. In here, the author tries to delve on advanced topics such as the Gap Concept, making adjustments at the various points of the tournament, and playing with different amount of chips. He also discusses other relevant subjects like understanding the so-called System strategy, what to expect from no-limit games, and surviving longer bets.

In the third book "Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players," the obvious focus of this excellent reading material is the seven-card stud poker game variation. A collaborative effort among well-respected poker authors Ray Zee, Mason Malmuth, and David Sklansky, this book helps readers master the complex yet highly exciting game of seven-card stud. It discusses exciting topics like the importance of third street play, the significance of the other streets, and preventing ante steals. Moving further, it tries to explain other vital topics such as short-handed games, reading hands, and poker psychology.

In the last book "Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players," authors Malmuth and Sklansky combine their knowledge in creating this Texas Holdem book specifically written for advanced players. This collaborative effort covers important poker topics such as trash hands, bluffs, and semi-bluffing. Meanwhile, it also discusses other relevant subjects like probabilities, poker psychology, and reading hands.

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