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Razz Poker in the Stud Array

Amongst the array of stud poker variations is a version of seven-card stud called razz poker. Razz is also known as 'seven-card stud low' because whoever has the best low-ranking poker hand is declared the winner. And it's distinction from the regular seven-card stud stems to more than just what poker hand wins through. Razz poker is also different from its predecessor on the matter of who starts each betting round on each of its streets too. Other than those two dissimilarities, the rest of the rules in seven-card stud are followed in razz poker.

If in high-low games qualified low hands mustn't have a card over eight, there is no restriction on which hand is eligible to vie for the pot in razz poker. That means all hands are fit to be played. It's similarity with high-low games, on the other hand, covers how the winning low hand is determined and that a straight and flush are not considered in the rankings.

Now we'll go to who starts the betting rounds in this poker variation. Keep in mind that players' up-cards establish who commences each round of bets in stud poker. If we just reverse the conditions in seven-card stud, we'll know the circumstances that are followed in razz poker.

If the bring-in bet after the third street is made by the player whose door card is the lowest on the table in regular stud, it's brought in by whom has the highest-valued one in razz. In subsequent rounds, the same flip of the rules are observed. In regular stud poker, the last four betting cycles are started by who has the highest exposed or up-cards. In razz, on the other hand, the following rounds are commenced by who has the lowest-ranking exposed cards from the fourth street on.

Razz poker and the regular seven-card stud are similar in how the cards are distributed and how the stakes are used. But they are different in determining the winning hand as well as which player commences each of the betting rounds. The winning hand in razz is the best low-ranking one that's held by a player and that's why it's also known as seven-card stud low. And when it comes placing bets in razz poker, the bring-in bet is placed by whoever has the highest-ranking door card and the rest of rounds are started by whoever has the lowest exposed or up cards on the table.

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