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The Omaha Variation of Poker

The Omaha poker variation is usually played with large hand but the large-small split variation is also in demand with many gamblers. Omaha High-Low is known as different names all over the world. In the European continent, only the Limit variation of Omaha Poker is popular with gamblers.

In America, the Omaha Hi-Lo variation of poker is rapidly gaining recognition. Before you play the game, it is advisable that you study the rules so that there will be no confusion. The rules followed in Omaha Holdem are the same with Texas Holdem with a few differences.

1st, players in the game are given 4 pocket cards. 2nd, players are required to utilize two pocket cards and three community cards to make the strongest card hand. 3rd, there can be only ten players for each game and 4th, each player will be given four cards that are in face down position. Then the first round of wagering begins.

The rounds are also similar in Texas Holdem poker tournament. 1st is the Pre-flop. There are 2 cards that are given to each player in a face down position, starting from the player at the left side of the dealer (the small blind).

2nd, flop. The dealer places three cards in the middle of the table. 3rd, Turning. Another card is given out by the dealer in the center of the gaming table. 4th, the River. A fifth or last card that is given in a face up position at the center of the table lay-out. Omaha High Low is a very well-known variation of Omaha Poker.

The rules followed in the game are the same with Omaha Holdem, which is patterned after Texas Holdem but there are some variations that makes the game more exciting. In Hi-Lo poker games, the cash pot is divided between the Hi card hand and the Lo card hand. The same set of cards maybe use for announcing Hi and Lo.

One card hand may win both in the Hi-hand and Lo-hand part of the cash pot. If there is no acceptable or required hand for the Lo-hand, the strongest Hi-hand wins in the game. In the division of the cash pot, the Hi-card hand is given the odd chip.

All of the usual rules for each game except the qualifier of an eight or higher for the Lo-card hand is used unless a different statement is made. It means that the best Lo-card hand can only have card that has a value of nine or lower. So during flop games, the flop must have 3 cards that has a value of eight or smaller.

In order to be eligible for Lo-part of the cash pot, the Lo-card hand must be an eight, seven, six, five, four or smaller. That is why the game is called an Omaha eight. The interesting part of the Omaha Hi-Lo game is that both the straights and flushes have no effect against you when trying to be eligible for the Lo-hand.

You are also allowed to use different cards for your card hand for the Hi-hand and Lo-hand. In a divided cash pot, any remaining odd chips will be given to the High half of the cash pot. Some casinos used a nine-low qualifier but that is not usually used.

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