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The World Poker Tour - Facts behind the Poker Tournament Scene

You don't need to believe that shopping is a sport to accept that poker IS a sport.

First up, poker requires skill, and secondly, it's competitive - involving major competitions and even going as far as world-class tournaments. Such proof is the annual World Poker Tour.

You can't possibly think that poker is short of being a sport just because it's not on the same physical level as the Olympics. It's true that the World Poker Tour isn't a physical event, but as much as some events in the Olympics only require mental strategy (think chess) - then poker is definitely IN.

You must be asking, 'But what about the element of luck in poker? Surely, that isn't such a great factor in the Olympics. You can't get the gold just because you're lucky.' -- As a matter of fact, luck explains why the World Poker Tour is a much more difficult sport to win. In poker, you can win millions just because you're lucky. On the other hand, skill still gives the distinctive character of winners. Luck only adds secondly to your chances of winning, but if you're really good in poker math, then that could do just the same. Let's say that Player-A is luckier than Player-B in a given round. Player-A has all the good cards, but… he doesn't know how to use them. Player-B has okay cards, but he uses them to its greatest potentials. Who do you think has more chances of winning? And who do you think will soon be booed 'You wasted your chances'?

So that's it. - Poker requires a great deal of strategy, involving tedious training and constant practice. You can survive without excellent luck in poker; you CAN'T if you don't have the skill - which is also one reason why are very less (consistent) poker superstars out there you can imagine.

There are more chances of MORE different people winning the World Poker Tour. This is because anyone can virtually learn poker. With the aid of the online information made available by the media and, patronage for the game and self-determination.

There are basic truths to poker that anyone can learn like making the best possible decision consistently, that is, all throughout the game. You can also focus your skill on memorization, physical telltale signs, and psychology; and more commonly use mathematical equation. (It's a scientific fact that certain hand combinations have better chances of winning than others.) Being proficient in all these will determine whether you're just an aspiring amateur or a powerful professional at the World Poker Tour.

No discouragements though. It has been reported that you get more chances of winning the World Poker Tour than the lottery! In this poker tournament, new players are placed to compete with leveled newbies ('power-paired'). So if you win your table, then you advance to the FINAL table… and is now given by fate the chance to beat up the superstars.

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